Nov 032014

I took these to show to my bike mechanic (Kevin the Bicycle Doctor) as part of a recommendation for him (as he is clued up enough to realise the differences between working on e-bikes and normal push bikes). One plus point of an ebike is it can comfortably haul this 25 kilos of various tat (including the cable reel) as well as myself (at around 61 kilos); over a 11km distance with 25 km/h average speed 🙂






Sep 272014

I got a “dual band” D-link access point for 5 GHz (as 2.4 GHz is way too crowded in the suburban area I live in; full of interference + defective routers that folk unknowingly get lumbered with by their ISPs).

It only works on one band at a time but that is exactly what I wanted it to do (as the Draytek router already provides 2.4 GHz signal) – now I can use my cheap Android tablet for streaming media more reliably; and this laptop is far faster (not got that many other devices that use 5GHz but this also takes the load off the 2.4 GHz network). 5GHz does not go as far for the power or through walls as easily; but I don’t live in a huge house so the coverage is just right for my needs…

not seen these kind of antennas before (would make sense if there are two slightly different sized elements)


the (!) after CE mark is a warning from the CEPT to follow the rules (i.e use correct channels for your country and don’t take the piss with high gain antennas)


but with this much free space there is no need to break them 😉


I wonder how long things will stay like this?


(I removed some numbers from SSID of the Virgin routers that some neighbours have as these often give away clues to hackers)

Sep 132014

Those nice folk at have upgraded their servers for the Centovacast 3 control panel; and I’ve managed to keep Sourcefabric Airtime behaving reasonably well (or at least keep an eye on the playout more often)

VFR Europe now has some new stream links:

192k MP3:

128k AAC:

96k AAC:

Bookmark these on your favourite media player (there are also some other ones here..)


Aug 102014

After a heavy week (literally; as I had to haul an entire telephone exchange + UPS with accus from one part of the office to another) I found some of my studio equipment was defective – the comms mixer (for the VOIP calls and headphone monitoring) was intermittent on one channel; and I decided to have a go at fixing the crossfader on my MIDI controller

MIDI controller crossfader

This weekends repair tasks

This weekends repair tasks

This weekends repair tasks

This weekends repair tasks

This weekends repair tasks