May 312014

a bit more modern equipment this time, and description in both EN and NL – I will try to do this more to improve my Dutch / (excuses voor wat taalfoutjes, als het Nederlands niet mijn eerste taal is)

after an upgrade of VOIP equipment at my job, I got this “old” VOIP telephone. The original user has an IP-DECT handset, that was a better solution for telecommunications in the care home. So the telephone set is now in my studio/workshop 🙂

na een upgrade van de VOIP apparatuur bij mijn baan, kreeg ik dit “oud” VOIP-toestel (de originele gebruiker heeft nu een IP-DECT-toestel, dit was een betere oplossing voor de telecommunicatie in het verpleeghuis). Daarom zit dit toestel nu mijn studio / werkplaats in 🙂

May 222014

yes, it has a mobile number and can dial in and out (I was surprised that the GSM adapter would work with pulse dialling, so thought I’d try it, although its not much fun with modern long phone numbers).

NB: the second video (with an outbound call) is howled because I had my test set on monitor mode in order to record the audio from the phone circuit, and forgot the carbon mic on the phone gives a strong output; be careful if you are listening on headphones or with big/expensive loudspeakers!

May 222014

I am lucky that I find electronics, computers and telecommunications interesting as a hobby as well as work; I also get to recover various pieces of obsolete equipment from various places, which I tend to reuse in various forms..

A lot of people assume I work or have worked at the British Telecom research centre in my the local area; but I am not quite smart enough – I do work “at the other end of the cable” and have an interest in the older analogue technology as well (which was still in use when I grew up!)

So I will use this category for various random bits of info about telecoms related projects..