Nov 032014

I took these to show to my bike mechanic (Kevin the Bicycle Doctor) as part of a recommendation for him (as he is clued up enough to realise the differences between working on e-bikes and normal push bikes). One plus point of an ebike is it can comfortably haul this 25 kilos of various tat (including the cable reel) as well as myself (at around 61 kilos); over a 11km distance with 25 km/h average speed 🙂






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  1. Great stuff. Thanks Alex. You are dead right. The ability of a well built bicycle wheel to carry heavy loads is incredible. They have known this in the so-called third world for many years. Hopefully we are just catching up now that people are becoming aware of the importance of reducing their “carbon footprint”.
    My purpose built cargo bike can carry more than my body weight in addition to myself as well as tow a trailer when i go out to do mobile repairs.
    Best wishes

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