Nov 302014

short update – had to swap the positions of the Soundtech Series A console and my electronics maintenance workbench – stil loads more to do but here are a few pics

displays by night timeEPC1 by night


DSCF1341Studio clock / monitor signals from Raspberry PI (which can also be used for stream monitoring/silence detection) connected to the cheaper of the two HDMI TV sets (and old one my mum brought with her) that doesn’t have as much resolution [she got the slightly larger and better picture quality LG set that was previously in this position, as she actually watches TV 😉 )

I had to deal with altering /boot/config.txt and all sorts of other settings to get a half decent picture on it; its just about good enough for a clock..

output of soundprocessing



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  1. Where can I find code for Pi Clock ?

    Many thanks!

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