Aug 132016

There do seem to be folk who actually read this / stumble across the blog perhaps through searching for random tech stuff in spite of me rarely promoting it I thought I’d post an update and what I hope to do with this space..

Unfortunately last year I had to deal with a family bereavement as well as health problems/tiredness/burnout; often after I have finished with work-related tasks (which I try and prioritise my energy towards as I am lucky to have a very understanding and accomodating employer) I am way too tired for much else, such as music/creative stuff such as photography and tech/electronic projects.

Also slowly realising I am getting older and have had to make some different lifestyle choices; much less partying and late nights compared to my nearly two decades as a raver, DJ, party promoter etc. All good fun but starting to get a bit much in the end.

This has slightly reduced my enthusiasm for “harder” electronic music, so I have temporarily removed the online radiostation VFR Europe from here (as I hadn’t got the time to curate, upload and schedule content, let alone work on my home studio) although it will hopefully return in the future.

For those who want music there is still plenty on

The good news is I am slowly regaining energy as well as getting into a better routine of sleep patterns, eating etc than in my “youth” (I still don’t consider myself to be old!) and there are still things I get up to I can blog about so hope to be posting here more often.

I don’t do “social networks” much – I (re)tweet occasionally at @vfrmedia (when I get round to it will add the twitter sidebar) and have no desire to become a “social media star” so this blog isn’t going to contain the latest “hip” technology; but will reflect my diverse tech/engineering interests (including “retro” stuff such as my reignited interest in fountain pens) as well as nature/and environment related content….

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