Jan 242014

new for 2014

I decided to combine the ratcotel and vfrmedia sites into one, as due to day job workload and other projects .I never got round to updating both blogs and there is an increasing crossover between tech and creative stuff anyway, and I wanted to include more posts about wider social and environment issues and how they affect our use or availability of technology…

Eventually all the links that were on the old site will be here as well as some others, as well as updated content (as my whole studio/workshop has been upgraded in 2013)

In the meantime here is a link to my Flickr

I can usually be found on here under the name General Lighting (or the more “adult” partyvibe.org site, be aware this one has more controversial content/discussions and might not be safe for viewing at work / school – it may even be completely blocked from some types of connection)

BTW the geese in the pic are actually from my friends community farm. And by another random coincidence, the chap who wrote this excellent free theme (called Shipyard) is actually from Groningen! (I just selected the theme as I wanted a Some info about him can be found (in Dutch) here


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