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ratcoTEL networks (rtn) was originally set up to provide various telecommunications and technical services for VFRmedia.

Today it exists as an actual telecommunications company that I run as well as my day job in ICT for a healthcare organisation, albeit a very small one with a select few customers ranging from residents at a care home for older people, to online and community radio stations based in Suffolk UK, the USA and Netherlands, as well as some voluntary services to interesting organisations such as housing co-operatives and environment groups.

rtn specialises in providing low-cost but effective equipment for all (legal!) forms of telecommunications and broadcasting, from fixed lines to analogue and digital wireless equipment.

For those who are curious as to where the logo originated from :

In the late 90s when I lived at my family house in SE England (and we had two pet cats) I obtained a couple of rubber rats to use as cat toys – but one cat ignored them, the other ran away.

However, the “scaredy cat” still decided that any telephone wires were snakes and should be dealt with, and managed to regularly disconnect telecoms wires from distribution points. I started to put the rats on top of telecoms equipment: (that is a 33.6k modem, which in 1994 was the fastest way of getting online)


This is a CCU for a small analogue system


I had extension 23 (the number in Reading, SE England is long since ceased)


“de witte kat” (I think he was part Siamese, as he had similar behaviour patterns).



witte kat


I ended up having to meow against another part Siamese tomcat who was bullying him, this worked but took 3 days of meowing.

He became slightly braver after that (and became friends with the other cat) but still pulled out telephone wires, so I ended up meowing with him to distract him from doing this. Also he wouldn’t catch any mice or birds but would show me where they were (I didn’t initially realise what he was trying to explain, so all these creatures got away, which wasn’t a bad thing to be fair as they turned out to be rarer yellow necked mice and the small birds otherwise have a lot of trouble from cats).

Sometimes both of us would meow at my younger sister (who was then in her late teens/early20s and had started to cook), as she would feed us to keep us quiet. The Dutch call this kind of behaviour “kattekwaad” – literally “cat mischief” 🙂

Also, when making videos for VFRmedia in the 90s I would put an index label on analogue tapes and minidiscs, this often had a wildcat on it as the soundtrack would not be synchronised to any picture and is known as “wild” 😉



And this is what evolved into the modern logo (I had thought up “miauw naar de maan” as the Dutch KPN used to have a mission statenent “KPN : sluit je aan” (get connected)) – the “eurokat” came from a font I licensed from a Swedish lady. In 2003 I did meow at the moon with two cats whilst sending an email on a Psion Revo via a GSM phone from a friends house in the middle of the night….


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